PHYSICAL IMAGE CONSULTING - An artist should dedicate as much time and creative effort to their image as they do to their music since an audience tends to "hear the music with their eyes."  I offer advice and plans of action to help with hairstyles, wardrobe choices, and even weight loss, to help discover the best look and style for any artist.  Every artist needs an image that matches and compliments the music in a unique way that stands apart from the crowd, and highlights their true persona. 

AUDIO PRODUCTION - An artist needs a producer to challenge and provide creative routes to shape a high-quality song that aligns with the vision and goals of the artist.  I can meet this need by working with the artist on a songwriting and developmental level.  After the song has a basic road-map, we proceed to record and make musical demos of the song(s), as part of a process that leads to a fully recorded, finalized production of the artist’s greatest work. 

VIDEO PRODUCTION / PHOTOGRAPHY - An artist needs music videos and photos to fully realize, and display to the public, their musical accomplishments.  I can provide full video production and photography, to show the artist’s unique style and personality. 



MATT REILLY - This talented, Hollywood-based bass player, began with high hopes and dreams of musical success.  Within 6 months of the artist development program, he is now the bass player for an International Pop/Rock Act.


TAYLOR HAYCRAFT - This Los Angeles-based guitar player played in local bands for years, attempting to acquire notoriety. He went through  artist development and within a span of 1 year is now the guitar player for
Powerman 5000